Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tantric Sex For Beginners – Dating Personals

Tantric sex originated in India and was used for religious purposes. It is traditionally defined as a kind of yoga that creates an ecstatic unity with the deity you all present.
It is possible to use the same approach to maximize the total sexual ecstasy, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of sexual ecstasy. The approach can also be used for sexual pleasure last with your dating personals for very long before you plunge into intense climax.
Here are some tips on the practice of Tantric sex that can be used by both a dating woman and a man and two lesbian dating personals or gay lovers.
- Before you begin, you can put yourself in a relaxed state but always alert by sitting some time to calm the stress of the day, the cost of talking to them, listen to sensual music and drink a cup of strong coffee or tea. Eating a little spicy food sensually can also help address the condition.

                       Tantric Sex For Beginners - Dating Personals 

- Use a quiet room, which is pleasantly warm and comfortable bed. Whether it’s a little light in the room, so you can see each other while having lesbian dating, but not very bright. Then, take off your clothes in a relaxed and lying completely naked on top of the bed.
- Approach of the other property, a scarf in your arms and legs above or around each other and sleep together and relax. Lie close together for some time and feel the presence of your lover. Start gently caress, but do not focus on a specific area. Already you will probably feel a strong excitation, and a lot of feelings finely tuned wave propagation throughout your body and mind.
- You’ll feel a lot of interesting reactions to your intimate areas. Your genitals are beginning to engorge. Feel lubricating fluid that comes out of your holes close. It will be sweet contraction wave from your weaker areas and distribution of your entire body that lead to even more feelings. You will feel a lot of exciting fragrances from your partner and yourself.
- Now you progressively closer to the furthest points of the body of your sensual lover, as the nipples, navel, vulva, with the opening of the clitoris and vagina, scrotum and penis, cracks native and rectal area. Use your fingers to gently open the secret inner places of your partner, and separate your own legs to invite your lover to the inside of your own finger areas hideous. Caress with the fingers, around first entry, then more towards the bottom of the secret groves.

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