Monday, October 8, 2012

Online Teen Casual Dating For Sexy Girls

Asking a girl for a date can be quite difficult. The thought of popping the question can make most men feel jittery. Of course, it is the fear of refusal that makes most men scared of asking the question. But, you can cut back the chances of hearing a ‘No’ noticeably by asking the question in creative ways. Here are some ideas.

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If the girl that you are interested in is little wise to the Computers and the Net working, you can use this medium to pop up the query. You can give her a link for the You tube videos that you have yourself made. For this all you need to do is to upload a video in which you ask her the question of the date. Just make a slide-show with her stills and with soft music played along side. You can ask your friend to record you asking the question and then you can insert his clipping into the video. Once a sexy girls sees the link, she is bound to be impressed by the gesture and she is very probable to answer yes to you.
Get a stuffed animal. This might sound strange but it works for casual dating women. Take a stuffed animal and tie a tag around it’s neck asking her for a date. To make this conventional gift slightly unique, opt for slightly out of the box animals like dinosaur or a horse or penguin. You can try coordinating your lines with the animal. For example, if you are employing a penguin, you could write something similar to ‘It would be really cool to go on a date with you’.
You might try and sneak in your request into a fortune cookie. In your first teen dating you have to bring some gifts for your date. These cookies are usually available at general stores and can easily be fitted with your query on a piece of paper. Use good writing and don’t just doodle down your request. You can either give her the cookie while you are sharing a meal or simply hand it to her when you meet her.
Another sweet way of asking your girl out for a date may be with cookies. Take a dish of cookies and hide your question below the cookies. In order to ensure that your note doesn’t get stained with greasy stains, place a tissue paper between the cookies and the note. To increase the chances of success, try putting her five cookies on the plate. You must do a bit of analysis for this but it will be all advantageous in the final analysis.
It is troublesome to convince a girl for a date. But when you get so creative, you are sure to strike an impression and have a ‘Yes’ coming your way.
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